How to Improve Google Rankings of Your Website in 2021

To have a higher Google ranking is not a simple mission. Most of you aim to gain more SEO and SERP rankings for your blog or website. But not everyone can achieve this so easily. It does not happen overnight. After you have done all the basic procedures of creating a website or writing an article or blogging, etc you must also look for recognition for all your works.

So, how to get recognized for the work you’ve done either for your website or some blogs? To answer this question is quite tricky though the most commonly asked question of all time.

Whenever you expect something great make sure that you have given the best and worked hard for that. Nothing comes for free that also applies to these ranking criteria. Before you anticipate improvised ranking and rating for your website or blog you must ensure that your work on the content is capable of such rankings.

Also at most times even if your content, design, templates, and all other stuff are exceptional and it takes time to improvise Google ranking. If you have a look at most of the top 10 websites you will come to, know clearly that most of the websites have taken more than a year to reach the top position and to have a good ranking in Google and also most importantly none of the top ranking websites of Google has attained that position not less than a year.

So patience and continuous hard work and improvisations are strictly required to improve your website’s Google rankings.

Importance Of Google Rankings

An increase in SERP rating not only improves the position of your business but also creates a good trademark and sets a high-quality image for your business. This brings more traffic and voluntary leads to your business. But being in the top position is not always an easy task.

There will be many competitors to put you off whenever they get a chance. So you must not give place for all those people to put you down or to find fault in your business. Before you reach out to the people make sure that you are fully prepared with fewer faults and ready to face criticisms that come your way.

Being in the top position will always favor you and make people know about your business. More people will be driven towards your website or blogs if you have a good SERP rating and top the list. This helps you to achieve a long time goal of being recognized. So never take this part of your business easy because this can change the whole attire of your business once you top the list or try improving your Google rankings.

If you are looking forward to increasing your website’s ranking then you must implement some simple steps and bring some modifications to your business. How you can improve your Google ranking highly depends on what smart changes you make, how much effort you put in, and also tests your patience. When you strive to achieve all these you can reach your goal of increasing the Google ranking for your website.

Here I have listed some of the simple yet significant ways to make improvements to the ranking of your website.

  • Create a strong foundation
  • Avoid duplicate content
  • Concentrate more on links
  • Try to get more backlinks
  • Improve the content
  • Use strategic and powerful keywords
  • Share your content

All the above-mentioned ways can help you in improving Google rankings for your content. With a consistent following of these simple ways, you can achieve the desired results. But it takes time to witness the improvement but you are assured of the good changes that you can see on your website or blog.

Create a strong foundation 

Normally you all are aware of the fact that when the basement is strong the entire structure will be in place and will be strong. So the same applies to the structure of your website too. Poor website structure is not welcomed by the people and also not by Google. This leads to the severe downfall of your overall business.

So at the moment, you decide to start your business by creating websites, always make sure that you decide the design and structure of your website. Visit and try as many available tools that are specifically made for creating and designing websites. Most of all know what type of business you are about to begin and then concentrate on designing your website accordingly.

The more attractive and good-looking your website are the more opportunities you have to get noticed by Google and to be displayed in suggestions to the people who are searching for relevant content.

Avoid duplicate content 

Duplicate content can be the spoiler of the whole game. Knowingly or unknowingly your website may contain duplicate content and that is too destructive for the well-being of your website. Always remember that duplicate contents are highly restricted by Google and are also clearly mentioned in the terms and conditions of Google forums.

Suppose if Google detects any duplicate content on your website you will be penalized and sometimes your website will be blocked and it takes a long time to recover your website. Most of you may be know this issue, so before posting any content on the website, always cross-check for duplicate content and make certain that your content is not plagiarized.

There are many tools available to check for duplicate contents. Tools like Plagiarism Checker, DupliChecker, and so many other tools will help you to sort out this issue so faster and easier.

Concentrate more on links

While having a website you must look for gaining more natural links. Both internal and external links influence the all-around quality and performance of your website. There are two ways to obtain links. One is to buy backlinks and the other is to acquire natural backlinks. But buying links is also restricted by the Google forums and it will lead to many unwanted risks that are so harmful to your website.

Also, concentrate on fixing the broken links. Most of you might be ignoring the broken links but this may end up in many discomforts. Broken links disturb the user experience. To safeguard your website from all these hazards makes sure that you concentrate more on not making broken links rather than avoiding them. Also, concentrate on getting more links to your website.

Try to get more backlinks  

Backlinks can be highly helpful in improving your website’s SERP rating. As I already mentioned above backlinks can be acquired both naturally and also you can buy them. Natural backlinks have more weightage as it is natural and also it is the form of reputation you get for the quality of your website.

You can approach other top positioned websites and ask for the opportunity to mention your website’s link on their website. This could be advantageous for you as people who visit their website will also have a look at your website’s link and there are more chances of then visiting your page and suppose if they like it surely they might recommend it to others and also, they will visit your page regularly.

You can also set up Google Alerts to get notified when some websites are linking you. You can also analyze the quality of that website and also have a check whether the link is in a positive or negative format.

Improve the content 

If you are looking to improve your Google rankings then you should also make some changes in the quality of your content. People like more relevant content as their search results. So always give people good quality content. This will be also helpful for Google to crawl your website and increase the SERP rating. Never post any underrated content or irrelevant content on your website. Always post unique content that is not found everywhere.

This will help your website to stand out from other websites. Uniqueness can be a savior at all times. So always be unique in the way to create content and. Increased content length can be a bonus. Content with words between 3000 and 10000 can get more shares on social media. If you provide people with high quality and worthwhile contents you are assured of being recognized.

Use strategic and powerful keywords

Keywords can be highly influential to improve your website’s clarity and helps you improve the SEO and SERP rankings. With the right type of keyword, you can achieve great results in terms of Google rankings. The keyword that you select for a particular topic must be relevant to the topic and the whole concept.

Irrelevant keywords are not worth the hype and also can spoil the overall quality of your website. This results in losing even the small amount of improvements that you have gained so far. So always be cautious about how you work with the keywords.

There are many tools available to pick the right keyword for your content. Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, Keyword Generator, Keyword Sheeter, Soolve, and so many other keyword research tools are available. With the help of these tools, you can analyze, research, and choose the right  keyword for your topic.

Share your content

Sharing your content or the website link can make great differences in gaining a reputation. There are several ways to share your content in so many ways. You can find so many platforms to share your page. By means of sharing you can get some visibility as many people can have access to your website. You can share your website link through various social media including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, and so many other platforms.

Apart from content creating and blogs if you are having websites for selling products and rendering services the best way to share them is to provide sponsorships to popular business concerns, social media influencers, and so on. By establishing your brand or website name on a highly popular medium you can be recognized. Also, collaborate with other websites to optimize your ranking and to fasten your improvisation processes.

So now you all have got some ideas on how you can improve Google rankings. Consistent hard work and being patient is more important ways to achieve a top position in Google rankings. You all might be wondering how all this happens but do not get worried, stay still and pursue to work harder every day. This will for sure yield you the desired results that you are longing for.

Always make sure that you are on the right track by analyzing your day to day performance and also by measuring your website’s improvement or downfall regularly. If you follow these steps regularly you will be seeing good improvements that will be boosting your business to work and to grow more.

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