How to Get Job in Digital Marketing in 2021

The importance of reaching out to people through digital media, especially for businesses to grow their sales is of utmost importance. Digital Marketers are the people who are experts in the field of reaching out through various digital platforms with new information, products and services. As the world is getting more technology-oriented and tech-savvy, the need for digital marketers is ever growing.

Not so surprisingly, the competition in this career field is also ever-growing. According to Smart Insights, Digital Marketers were the most hired people by companies in 2015 and according to hiring trends, 69% more companies are looking out to hire Digital Marketers in 2020.

With so many opportunities, it surely is an enthralling job. If you are someone, looking step into this dynamic field of marketing and reaching out to people, then here’s a complete guide to help you land a job and start you career:

Skill certificates and Internships. 

When you begin your career as a Digital Marketer, it is indeed difficult to bag a job as a fresher as companies prefer candidates with some pervious experience. Getting your first job might seem like a monumental task in such a competitive industry so start small and scale this mountain step-by-step.

Ideally, the first step is to build a solid base of skills. Digital marketing needs a variety of skills like SEO basics, SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Data Analytics, Content marketing, Basics of design, knowledge of technology and analytical thinking.

Pursue short certified courses in these skills or go for a long-term complete marketing course. Either way, look out for quality of knowledge that you will receive (Most of you must have already aced this stage!).

Confused which course you should purse for becoming a Digital Marketer? There are some very reliable free courses that you can pursue.

Udemy, LinkedIn and Coursera are the best places to pursue certified and paid courses. Apart from these, certain courses that will add a golden feather to your hat are a great choice. The Google Academy for Ads is a great free course to learn and have a legitimate certificate that is of great value (Many entry-level jobs in the field require this certification, it will be a bonus if you have it already along with other qualifications).

Hubspot Inbound Marketing is another free and standardized course to pursue if you want to learn about inbound marketing and its finer details. Bing Ads Accreditation is great course certificate that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Facebook Blueprint and Hootsuite Academy are two well-known courses with just paid certification that you can use to expand your knowledge and skill set. These courses will make you certified digital marketers and job-ready!

After this, instead of going straight to apply in companies for jobs, take a breath. Apply for internships of 1 to 3 months and get some hands-on experience. This will be a valuable addition to your resume and will be giving you real-life experience in marketing.

You will get a chance to work under people who are experts in your line of career and learn a lot more beyond books, videos, tutorials and courses.

Most importantly, it will make you a fresher with experience. It is best to have at least 2 or 3 internships under your belt before you set out to look for a full-time job in Digital Marketing.

This will make you a notably strong contender among other interviewees. Also, your starting pay-scale can be quite higher as compared to an individual who lands a job with just skill certificates and zero experience.


The best option to add fruitful experience to your portfolio is by freelancing. There are a few ways to freelance and test your knowledge on real-world problems. You can work for people and small businesses you know locally.

These businesses are not aware about marketing techniques and they could use your expertise. With your knowledge bring a strong online presence to these companies.

Another way to freelance, is by signing up on a number of freelancing sites on the internet. Take up projects and solve marketing problems for real clients.

You can opt for multiple projects at a time or focus on a single one. If you are looking for portals that offer you freelancing opportunities then Fiverr, Upwork, Cloud Peeps, Indeed, Freelancer and College Recruiter.

Create an account on these sites and upload your certificates, any previous projects that you might have done and your resume.

Best if you add your projects done during coursework and any free-work that you might have done. Connect with other freelancers, build a network and get working! Great opportunities are sure to come your way.

Remember that money is not the aim in these freelance projects, experience is. The best thing about working like this is gaining experience that is not professional but the quality of it is just as good.

If you are able to show effective results, you are well-qualified. Freelancing is a great way to network and find potential full-time jobs in future.


Blogging is a solution to almost everything now-a-days in the digital world. Starting your own blog is a great way to get a spotlight in the field of Digital Marketing and standing out. It is also the perfect way to showcase your knowledge and experience on variety of topics in the niche.

Fret not! Blogging does seem like a tedious task but you do not have the compulsion of publishing one every day. You can opt for posting weekly or every once in a fortnight. Moreover, blogging will you gain more in-depth knowledge on topics and sharpen your previous knowledge.

Blogging is a great platform to test, experiment and try your knowledge on your own terms. It is also a potential opportunity to start your own side business. If you blog is performing well, you can move one step further by purchasing a domain name and creating your own website.

The possibilities with blogging are endless. A blog is a good place for employers and recruiters to see the expanse your application-based knowledge and skills. This technique will instantly give you an advantage over others and make you more preferable in the eyes of employers.

Resume and portfolio.

Creating a good and effective resume is also an important step towards getting your dream job. You resume, portfolio and any other relevant document should be simple, effective and inclusive.

Make it a point to add a clean and finished look to it. Avoid jargon and redundancy but do not forget to add all the possible key points make you special and fit for the job profile.

Make your own unique resume and portfolio using various editing software’s or if you are undergoing an idea crunch then make use of templates available online. (Tip: There are specific templates in certain themes available for resumes that can be used for particular career fields like Digital Marketing).

A great way is to add a personalized message for every job that you apply in the cover section of your resume. Make small tweaks and changes as per the needs of every job vacancy.

Your resume becomes a reflection of you and it is the only thing that gets you forward to interview rounds in the selection process.

Here are a few things that you should include in your resume while applying as a Digital Marketer:

  • Personal Details (including contact details, email, date of birth, residence address etc.)
  • Aim and Objective (This is purely personal and it recommended to put some thought while writing this)
  • Professional Qualifications
  • Extra qualifications or co-curriculars
  • Hobbies and Interests
  • Links to showcasing your work

Make timely updates and optimizations in your portfolio and resume and you go on upgrading your skills. Now you are job ready with being a step closer to success i.e. your dream career!

Job search actively. 

Now that you have worked hard and build a solid base of the required skills for a digital marketing career along with gaining experience (Even though it is non-professional, it still counts as experience) it is time to actively look for job opportunities and apply to them.

There are a variety of entry-level of jobs in the field of Digital Marketing. It is advised that you apply for jobs even it does not seem like you are a perfect fit for it. Most of the times, recruiters hire on the basis of your experience and how you perform in interview.

Here are the entry level positions that companies will hire you for:

  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Account Executive
  • Account Manger
  • Sales Associate
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Marketing Associate
  • Marketing Manager
  • Online Marketing Specialist
  • SEO Specialist
  • Social Media Manager

These entry level positions mainly require five to six broad skills like Social Media Marketing, SEO, SMM, Google Analytics, Digital Marketing and Content Marketing. As you upgrade of-course it is necessary for you to upgrade your skills and stay ahead with the times as well.

LinkedIn is a great place to upload your resume, create a profile and search jobs. There are many job portals available that are looking out hire freshers. Apply to all the relevant places and keep a tab of all the applications you have submitted.

Head over to job offering portals like Flex Jobs, Krop, The Muse, Tech Ladies, AngelList and more. Google Jobs is also a great place to find employment. Your local newspapers etc. too offer job listings, that also is a great place to find positions where you can work in.

While job-hunting, beware of frauds and scams that might come your way. The risks of your personal information getting leaked are very high. The safest way is to apply through trusted job portals only. Another way is to research about the details of a company that you are applying in and perform a background check.

Glassdoor is an important tool in this aspect. Check about a company, read their reviews and find out from ex-employees about that particular company and their work ethics. Make sure that whoever HR personnel you are contacting to, is genuine and a part of the company. The next step is to become interview ready!

Get interview ready. 

Research shows that employers hire employees on the basis of a criteria where your soft skills matter 85% and hard skills (Academic skills) mater only 15%.

You might be wondering why go through so much trouble for acquiring the skills then? Acquiring and mastering these skills gives you a broader mind to approach the chosen career and builds confidence in handling problems.

This confidence and clarity are what makes up 85% of your soft skills, hence acquiring both as a candidate is equally necessary. Also, your soft skills are what make you unique. Technical skills can be learned by anyone to bag a job and make a career.

All of these skills are closely scrutinized in an interview. This is the stage that either makes it or breaks it. Most of the people are worried and anxious for the interviews. With the right preparation and mindset, you need not worry as you will ace the interview!

Be pre-prepared for general questions and brush up on your knowledge beforehand. Confidence is the key here. Stay confident on your abilities. Dress well and be on time! Before an interview, it is common for everyone to be little anxious but do not let your anxiety get the best of you.

Now you have all you need to land a job and start your dream career! Digital marketing is a competitive profession but if you work hard in the right direction, nothing is impossible. After getting through this process and getting a job all the hard work will be worth the while.

Entry-level jobs can be tricky as you would not want to negotiate but it is best to know your worth and a basic idea about salaries that your position can offer you. Keep in mind to make use of the LinkedIn Salary estimator to make sure you are being paid rightly for your work. Good luck to you!

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