Best Social Bookmarking Sites for Link Building in 2021

Social bookmarking is the process by which a specific web page is saved to a social bookmarking platform so that the user may visit the page later. These sites allow their users access their saved bookmarks online, and the benefits of this are that they can visit these saved pages at any time and on any device.

These bookmarks may be public, private, or can be shared with a specific group of people and this is beneficial as marketers can add, annotate and share their saved bookmarks with their teams with search engine optimization. These online websites are platforms where the users can share various blog posts, videos, images, web pages, and articles.

Social bookmarking is very important and has improved the perspective of search engine rankings for a particular website or blog by allowing the user to optimize bookmarks for their content and thereby sharing it with others.

Bookmarks increase traffic on a particular webpage. It is considered to be the easiest way to attract the desired demographic towards a particular website. If a blog or website has been made for commercial purposes, the generation of traffic on the page ensures higher profits.

The popularity of a page also increases drastically as this is done by real people and not bots. All these benefits ensure that this process is organic and would be one of the easiest ways to increase traffic on a particular blog or website. The following is a list of the best bookmarking sites on the internet.

Google Bookmarks


  • Labels
  • Searchability

Google bookmarks is owned by Google and this platform helps the user share images, content, and videos across various communities, collections, or web-based groups called communities. A benefit of this platform is that the user may directly save the bookmarks on their existing Google account.

They are, however, not stored in the browser, but in an online profile so that the user may access their saved bookmarks at any time and from any device. Google allows its users to use Labels to store their bookmarks. These serve the function of keywords that assist the user in retrieving bookmarks.

One of the major strengths of Google Bookmarks is the searchability factor. The bookmarks search not only searches for the name and labels of the social bookmarks, but also the contents of the bookmarked pages.



  • Suitable for professionals
  • Engagement from high position holders

LinkedIn has been regarded as one of the best platforms for posting and sharing content which is of a professional nature. It is extremely suitable for professionals to get inputs and engagement from other people in the same field.

Studies suggest that most of the people who share content on this forum are mainly people who are in senior positions in business organizations. Therefore, those sharing content will enjoy a niche audience.

LinkedIn had originally started out as a portfolio sharing site, but now is one of the biggest professional content sharing platforms. LinkedIn stores the saved content on their dashboard for users to check back on later.

The app is supported both on android and IOS platforms and therefore a wide range of audience can enjoy the benefits of this platform. A major benefit of this platform is that the content on this forum is mainly from experts in their respective fields, therefore the bookmarked content quality would be high.



  • Saved according to categories
  • Easy sharing on the platform

Facebook is one of the largest social networking sites in the world, so there is no doubt that the platform is filled with images, links, websites, and content. This platform, therefore, enjoys a large amount of referral traffic every day.

Facebook captures the latest trends, news articles, and discussions using keywords. Therefore, users are able to take timely measures on creating relevant content on this platform which might prove to be beneficial to bring in more shares or page impressions for the user.

Facebook introduced its Save option for both their mobile application version and web page version, which acts as a bookmark. The user is able to bookmark things they might find interesting such as the links, places, music, television shows, posts, etc.

The bookmarked items which can be accessed later on the Web and mobile device. The items which have been saved can be shared anytime with the user’s Facebook friends. Thus, this platform is very convenient for users who are interested in the latest trends and current events.



  • Knowledge of HTML code allows changing URL, image reference, etc.
  • Users can share their bookmarks with other profiles.

This social site allows its users to submit their site or blog through their Feed Submit form. Using this form, the users may submit their URL, feed, and choose a related category.

MySpace is available in 15 languages and therefore people from different regions of the world can use this service. Some of the features of Myspace include customized profile photos, classifieds sections, bulletins, Group MySpace IMs, and a lot more. Therefore, bookmark features are very essential on this platform.

For users who have a working knowledge of HTML codes, are able to change the URL, title that gets embedded with the bookmark, image reference, etc, to customize their bookmarked content.

Users who are not that well-versed with HTML coding can create a small one-page website and then copy the code for the entry on MySpace.

Therefore, MySpace has taken into consideration both demographics while formatting their bookmark section on the page so that it is accessible to most users. However, this platform is more suited for users who understand coding and are able to make modifications to their saved content.



  • Easy bookmarking
  • Pin It option can be positioned on the browser menu

Pinterest has 70 million users all around the world and has become an enormous platform for bookmarking people’s favourite ideas, pictures, and works This site is primarily an image sharing and creating platform, where the primary content is in the form of images, GIFs, or memes.

Pinterest provides its users with a Pin It option to bookmark their desired works. This button can be positioned on the browser’s bookmarks bar also. If the user presses on the Pin It option while browsing, a Pinterest pin window starts up. This feature lets the user quickly pin images from the page they were on, without having to copy the page’s details onto the Pinterest site.

This is very useful to quickly and easily bookmark images into the Pinterest server. This site is very useful for users who primarily depend on bookmarking pictures for later purposes.



  • User can write a story or journal about the bookmark
  • Bookmark FAQ helps users

Slashdot is a website that posts editorials, stories, reviews, and articles submitted by its users. The posts on this platform are of a certain standard as all the posted content is accepted or rejected by the page administrators as per its is quality.

Slashdot aims to uphold cultural integrity therefore they have a system of ‘karma points’, where if any post is seen to harm or negatively impact any cultural group they lose karma points and may also receive a penalty. Positive contributions yield more karma points and perks.

Its bookmark function aid logged in users to maintain public lists of URLs for tagging and sharing with the rest of the world.  Bookmark FAQ is really useful for answering any query or question that a user may have about the site’s bookmark policies.

The global bookmark lists can be tagged, journaled, or submitted as stories on this platform. The users can link other URLs and post their own content about it on this medium as a result of this feature.



  • Simple tool
  • Very easy activation

Flipboard is a multi-platform news reading application that gathers articles from around the internet and delivers it to the user. It is a smart magazine that the user can customize according to their interests. It offers the users a Read Later option, which bookmarks news articles for them to read later.

Their online service is called Instapaper which is a simple tool that saves web pages for later reading. This feature is suitable for users who can save content for later reading.

To activate this feature, the user has to create an account on and then have to turn on the feature on Flipboard. After completing the steps, users can very easily save their desired articles for later perusal.

Flipboard is a very useful app for people who do not find the time to read a physical newspaper. This app allows them to read news on the go and also choose the articles which are relevant to their tastes.



  • Allows customization of bookmark
  • Simple navigation

Diigo is a social sharing site that helps the user bookmark, tag, compile, archive, and save web pages that might be of interest. This provides a sure shot method for the users to not lose interesting websites and URLs that they might find while browsing.

Bookmarking on this very simple, where the user has to only select the Save option from their drop down menu for the page to get bookmarked. The dialog option which opens, lets the user customize every aspect of bookmarking according to their convenience.

The user can modify the URL, title, choose to keep it private or public, etc. Diigo is a very simple tool for users who read lot on the internet and need a safe storage to retrieve these sites later. The application interface is also very simple which is why it is highly recommended.

These applications are all among the best social bookmarking sites. The sites mentioned are in no particular order and they are all very convenient and among the best. These are the application I would recommend for social bookmarking.

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