Best Profile Creation Sites for Link Building in 2021

SEO marks a crucial and important place in a business and website.

We can’ deny the fact that SEO plays a part in spreading our business and expanding it accordingly.

Backlinks are a part of the Search engine optimization package.

But you might be thinking why is the writer boasting about SEO in profile creation articles?

What is profile creation anyway?

It is generally a process of registering an account on different websites. It is one of the link building techniques. You can register with an individual or a business name. While creating a profile you share some of your most important details.

Profile creation is an SEO technique. It is a white hat technique that helps in enhancing the ranking of the webpage.

  • It provides many benefits to the website.
  • It offers a do-follow link.
  • It helps in offering more traffic to the website.
  • It boosts your page authority.
  • It helps in spreading brand awareness.
  • It helps in boosting domain authority, and many more.

Profile creation is a good way to increase activities on the website.

Many websites use profile creation as it helps in easy access for the user as well as the website to gain more leads.

You might have seen that when you sign up and create your profile on a website or an app, you start getting updates and other pieces of information regarding it. Profile creation sites help you do branding.

It gained leads as well as traffic on the website. Why would any site not want that?

So, you can see literally tons of websites that provide profile creation.

There are many famous websites that are are favorites in profile creations.  Probably you guys also have profiles there, so be with me while we explore these sites.

List of Best Profile Creation Sites to Use for Link Building

Download Excel Sheet of Best Profile Creation Sites ( More than 100 Sites )


Best Profile Creation Site List

Amazon needs no intro as such. Amazon is the biggest online e-commerce store that provides its customer with easy shopping services. You can get literally most of the things on Amazon.  It is a blessing for lazy heads(with money)For starting shopping form Amazon you just need to make a profile and you are ready to spend money on shopping.

It is such an easy site with a great interface. You get affordable rates here.  People use Amazon with an open heart, I mean see the CEO of Amazon now. He would have thanked us all already.

Making a profile is easy and of course, free. You can get an Amazon prime profile too by spending bucks but you get more exciting deals there.

I am using Google for googling stuff I am writing here. I have a profile on Google and most probably my readers too. Google in itself is an American multinational company. It offers many internet-related services we use in our day-to-day life.

How to get started?

Type one simple word like ‘google’ in your search engine(probably that is google search). It will take you from there. Google is among the 4 most searched word on the internet as per 2020.

You can easily make your profile there. By creating a profile you get access to many features and services which includes getting space for storing your photos, documents, and things. You cannot regret using this.

Yahoo is one of the older services that still works perfectly.

What is Yahoo?

It is an American web service that started in 1994. It is known as the pioneers of the Internet era. It works as an internet portal that contains a search engine.

You can easily set your profile here. It is one of the favorable profile creation sites. You can unlock many other features by creating a profile here. It is easy to use. It has a decent and interactive interface.

A decent respect for the people using LinkedIn for beneficial purposes.

So, what is LinkedIn?

It is the largest platform for connecting on a professional level. This platform can help you find the job or internship you aspire.

It is a kind of social media platform with less to no creeps and you find intellectual people discussing their work sincerely.  I recommend you to make a profile here( no promotion trick ). You might get a job or part-time work you were looking for. It will help you connect with peoples from all around the world with different professions.

It is easy to create a profile here. You just have to visit the official website and sign-up. After signing up you can connect with your friends as well as make new friends.

Think of websites you visited today for normal shit. Any content in those are raised from here and I ain’t joking.

Not all of us are blessed with the coding skills(you can teach yourself anytime) and patience it requires. So, for starting a website or an online store, what do we do? It is where WordPress and sites like these come into frame.

It is the simplest way to create a website. It is an open-source platform. This platform was released in 2003 and life after that just got easy. It is easy to create your profile here. This is one of the easy profile creation sites. For starting your profile here, you have to signup. After making a profile you get access to many features and tools.

Github is purely a gift for developers and creators here. It is for all our coders. This platform is a blessing for them and you can see many coders and programmers having their profile.

Github is a code hosting platform. It is an American multinational company that provides a platform for fellow coders to host their work.

It is an attraction and of course, happily works as a profile creation site. People need not be forced for creating a profile here.

It is easy to use. You just have to signup and you can easily customize your profile and add your codes as you move along the way.

Have y’all heard of Pinterest?

Pinterest is the most decent image sharing platform that is used by millions of peoples for discovering news and information through images and videos.

This platform was launched in 2010. This visual discovery engine belongs to a list of famous apps. It helps you find millions of images. You can personalize the Pinterest page according to your choices and preferences. It is quite easy to use.

It has a feature of profile creation so, you have to sign-up and get started. You can share pins along the way and have subscribers.

YouTube is the largest video sharing platform. It is an American platform that allows you to watch, rate, share, and upload videos.

It has millions of fans now and you can find videos on any topic here. It is easy to use and has an option of profile creation if you want to upload videos.

YouTube is one of the self-employment jobs and many people upload here to make money or teach something to us

Who doesn’t love songs?

Soundcloud gets you the biggest platform for listening to music and one of the largest open audio platform.

It can be used both by creators as well as listeners. You can also upload songs here, you should the rights to the music though. It is easy to make a profile here. Making a profile you can help you better.

‘Blogging on a smaller level’

It is a microblogging and social media platform that helps us in connecting with people around the world.

It is more on the formal site and used by many celebrities to share their views with the world.

It is easy to use. You can register yourself here to like and share your view and if you are not registered you can only see other’s posts.

Making a profile eases your experience.

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms that emerged after Facebook.

It has millions of users here with profiles. It is easy to use.

You just have to sign up on the official website of Instagram.

Create your profile and personalize according to what you like and prefer. Here profiles created are related to persons as well as brands. It is a good marketing and selling place.

Myspace if another social networking that works perfectly by making your profiles here.

It was founded in 2003. It adds nearly 100 million users per month.

It helps you create webpages for interacting with others.

It is easy to use and you get access to many features and tools when you make your profile here, it makes your interactions easy.

Slideshare is such a blessing for students and the working class out there.

It is a document and presentation sharing platform. It offers professional content for us. You can easily get an general documents or presentations you are looking for.

It is easy to use and after profile creation, it becomes easy for you to download and share documents and presentations. This platform is owned by LinkedIn.

Those of us who use this platform just love this.

It is the biggest digital library. It provides many books for you to read and explore.

It is heaven for book readers. It is easy to use. You can read unlimited books.

To use the utmost of Scribd, you are advised to make a profile here. Profile creation makes it easy for you to keep your digital books intact.

Facebook is without a doubt, the biggest social media platform.

It was founded in 2004 and has grown rapidly since.

It makes it easy for you to connect with friends or make new friends. This platform has one of the largest numbers of profiles. There are millions of people connected here.

It is easy to create profiles here. You just have to signup on Facebook.

You can personalize your profile with your information and photos.

Flipkart is another very popular and well-known online store. It is an Indian company in Karnataka.

It was founded in 2007 and is a hub for many small businesses. It has good services.

You can easily start using Flipkart and start shopping. You just have to make a profile here, signup for it.

You get regular sales here. It has millions of users and is one of the successfully running online stores in India.

Stackoverflow is a lifeline for developers around the world. It makes coding and programming easy for them.

It is an online community for developers where they can learn and share their knowledge with others.

You can create a profile here and get started but you can also look for answers without an account.

Wix is a website building platform that offers world-class websites and features.

It makes your website making process fast and easy.

It is easy to use. You just have to signup and make your profile here that will ease your website building the process easy.

Quora is a great platform created by Americans

It is a Q&A platform where you can ask questions, as well as answer others’ doubts. It is quite easy and interactive. You never know who can help you. People from around the world answer questions here.

You can easily make your profile here.

Other Profile Creation Sites Worth Noting

These were some of the main and few listed website that provides profile creation. But this is just a limited list. I have listed a few more profile creation sites. You can easily find millions of website that asks for creating profiles.

  5. Internshala

These are a few more in case you thought I was limited to a list of 20 profile creation sites.

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