Best PDF Submission Sites to Consider for Link Building

Writing is an art. It is to the point and enables the reader to understand the content more clearly. Unlike other forms like speech, visual communication, etc, writing is more effective. Whenever we are in need to recollect the content, it is possible when it is written.

The written content has more clarity and has an impact on the reader. Let’s take books for an instance. How many of us like listening to audiobooks than reading? Answers may vary depending on the individual’s interest but I prefer reading books rather than listening to it. Because reading the content needs more attention at the same time registers deep into our mind.

When it comes to a professional point of view, the written files and papers must be documented carefully. For this purpose, the official documents must be documented in “Portable Document Format”( PDF ).

What is PDF?

PDF stands for “Portable Document Format”. It ensures the safety and security of the official documents. After working with official documents in any of the formats, it must be converted into a PDF so that the file can be safeguarded from fraudulent practices.

It can also contain images for better reference. After the document is converted into a PDF, it gives only reading access and not any editing access to the users.

Regardless of the transaction of the PPDF documents, it retains the same. No changes can be made to a PDF file. The PDF document retains its original attribute for a long period and also it is a portable format thus can be accessed anywhere anytime.

What are PDF submission sites?

PDF submissions sites are SEO off-page sites that help to gain more reputation for your website by providing backlinks. PDF submission is also known as document sharing sites.

Many of us have the skill to write what we think and how we expect things to be. But not all of us have enough potential to grab the attention of the people and to make them understand our thoughts. And most of us never know where to express and share our ideas. So here is the best way one can grab the attention of the people towards our writing. The best and easiest way is the PDF submission sites.

The PDF submission sites help in gaining additional fame to the website’s content by providing a legal link to the document. Also, these sites increase the search engine optimization of your website content. This submission sites are considered as one of the best backlink ideologies.

Best PDF Submission Sites

  • SlideShare
  • MediaFire
  • 4Shared
  • 2Shared
  • Scribd
  • Edocr
  • Issuu
  • DepositFiles
  • Yudu
  • Files 
  • PDFHost


SlideShare is an American website for uploading professional content for higher level of reach. It was launched on October 4, 2006. Initially, this website was used in promoting the expansion of professional content, and eventually, it ended up dealing with entertainment contents too.


  • It is one of the slide hosting service site.
  • This site need not require any registration and it is completely optional.
  • This site has about 38 million registered users.
  • This site supports documents, PDFs, webinars, and videos.
  • Files can be uploaded to this sit both privately and publicly in any of the formats.
  • The users of SlideShare include NASA, The White House, IBM, Hewlett Packard, etc.



MediaFire is one of the online backup service websites. It was launched in June 2006 by Derick Labian and Tom Langridge. It is a commercial website that offers client software for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux Android, iOS, Blackberry 10, and other website services.


  • It has free flow access to all the files stored on the website.
  • It has strong security features that insure the file from all the malpractice.
  • All the files uploaded to the website can be effortlessly shared by links,  email, and all social media platforms.
  • It can store any size of files and provides easy sharing facilities.
  • It provides a storage space of 10GB for free and 50GB space free with bonuses.



 4Shared is an online file storing and sharing application that is specifically designed to enhance the security of official documents, videos, files, etc.

It was in operation since 2005. Once the users have completed their registration they get free storage space up to 10GB. It is a user-friendly application that allows the users to access the download manager and facilitates a smooth download of large files and when there are any issues, while the files are downloading, automatically the process stops and resumes after some time.


  • It allows users to stores images, files, and videos.
  • It facilitates the users to create folders and upload content up to 2048MB.
  • It helps the users to transfer files securely.
  • Android and Mac mobile users can download this application on their phone and access the folders.
  • The application is available both at a free and premium subscription.
  • It supports FTP which assists in the safe transfer of files from the application.
  • It offers wide-area file service, file replica service for the users to have a hassle-free experience.
  • It offers the users to add free site  experience and a storage of 100GB cloud storage.



2Shared is an online file uploading and sharing platform which enables you to store, access, and share files and folder. It is a domain that has the Com extension.


  • It is used to store and share files, images, music audio, and videos.
  • It also allows users to share the network, file hosting, downloading, and free up the webspace.



PDFs are not only for official documents but also for other files such as ebooks, journals, etc. This site offers the users to publish their content as a PDF to get a backlink and search engine optimization for their content.


  • It allows users to read, download, submit various documents on the website or mobile devices.
  • It is an ad free application.
  • It provides some privileges to the users such as to print any document, read any files, and share the required content with any of the devices.
  • It also reads all the documents in the web browser.



Edocr is an online platform for publishing your articles and to increase the SEO of your content. It also acts as a means by which the user can make money through his/ her content. The content uploaded to the site must be in PDF format.


  • It is a free online application where you can upload your content.
  • It helps in enhancing the search engine optimization of the content.
  • It helps in generating leads for the uploaded content.



Issuu is an online publication site where the users can upload their contents in a PDF format and also enables the users to view and read the documents and files published by others.

This site contains articles uploaded by both professional as well as individuals. Issuu is an document uploader as well as a document viewer.


  • It has a huge collection of PDFs and journals uploaded by both individuals and professionals.
  • Once you sign in to this app you can find your contacts and accesses them and also search for various other content not only enables the user to view and upload the documents but also download the files they want.
  • It has a very effective privacy and security feature.
  • After signing up for the app you get a free 100MB storage space.
  • Issuu supports various file formats such as PDF, POC, PPT, WPD, SWX, RTF, ODP, and SXI.



Like all other PDF submission sites, DepositFiles also offers the facility of storing, uploading, reading, and sharing files, images, scripts, text, videos, animations, and so on. It makes the storing and uploading process even easier.


  • It provides a specialized solution to all the file-based queries.
  • It offers unlimited storage space, which is a boon and also a unique feature that most of the sites don’t offer.
  • Files can be automatically uploaded to the DepositFiles by using a flash uploader.
  • It does not grant the users end to end encryption but provides a security with a password.
  • The site also offers a cross-platform desktop service that can be used to manage and upload files in the DesktopFiles.



Yudu is an excellent site for uploading and managing documents. It also offers the users to make changes and can be altered according to our requirements.


  • It makes digital publishing, even better with its unique application features.
  • It provides a high-quality publishing experience.
  • It is simple but fast.
  • It helps in increasing business leads.
  • It publishes high-quality magazines, content, documents, etc.



As the name suggests, PDFHost is an online platform that enables users to share, upload, and manage documents and files. It helps in hosting a bulk PDF transfer.


  • It is used to share, host, and upload the PDF.
  • It helps in bulky transfer of PDF files and hosting of bulky files.
  • It enables the transferring of files through URL.
  • All these features are available to all the users and there is no urge for any registration.
  • And it also offers the hosting of direct links.


Take a step ahead in your writing career. These are the best PDF submission sites I suggest you, to make your writing skill gets recognized. There are many ways in which you can bring up your skills for the world to know and it also offers the hosting of direct links.

Even though we have most of the applications and sites in a paid version, there are many websites available that offer high-quality user-friendly platforms. There are many highly professional websites and applications you can opt for. They help you in reaching your goal by making your content popular and well reachable.

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