Best Link Building Techniques to Boost Your Rankings Rapidly

“Content is the king” so the saying goes; but links play an equally important role in getting a higher ranking on the Google search engine page. They also help to generate traffic and boost reach unimaginably. With an exponential burst of information and unending competition, link building is an important role in getting a higher ranking on the Google search engine page.

They also help to generate traffic and boost reach unimaginably. With an exponential burst of information and unending competition, link building is an important tool to stay ahead in the competition.

Why are links so important?

Links are among the three most important factors which determine the rank of your page on SERP’S (Search Engine Result Page). If this fact isn’t enough to highlight the importance of links then let me tell you more! Links not only help you to generate traffic but also establish your identity as a brand and maintain an authoritative presence.

While creating links for your site, keep in mind the acronym – ‘EAT’. It stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trust. Google uses these three things to determine the rank of a page.

Without getting into too many technicalities here’s a list of techniques that can be used by anyone to build links:

Guest Posting.

Yes, you are right! This is one of the widely used techniques for building backlinks. What is it? Guest posting or guest blogging is writing an article for another website where you can link your page. Simple isn’t it? Well, keep in mind to avoid spammy sites that are used for the sole purpose of guest posting.

It goes against the guidelines given by Google. Look for natural ways to earn backlinks. Earn editorial links. Editorials links mean the link to your page which an author inserts on their page because of the quality of your content. If done correctly, guest posting can earn you the desired results.

Reach out to potential people.

Find people posting articles in the same niche as yours and email them. Just an introduction to your content, product, or brand is enough. People who have used keywords similar to yours can be of great help to get you backlinks.

Pitch them your ideas, create interest, and voila! You have a base of pages that could potentially create links for you. It will also bring you to the limelight and keep you ahead in the competition.

Note: People from the same niche tend to offer ‘link-to-link’. As the name suggests, Link-to-link means interlinking two different pages with each other’s link. Though this might seem like a great idea it could put your rank page in jeopardy in the eyes of the Google bots as it might look like spamming and artificial backlink generation. The suggestion is, do it with care and caution.

Community links.

Make the best possible use of discussion forums and sites like Quora and wikiHow for generating backlinks. Find out the relevant groups and communities matching your keywords and niche and generate links to your page.

Answer questions related to your topics and come up with unique solutions. Avoid intense promotion of your page and instead, aim to provide information and quality. Build the trust of the readers and post-reader-oriented content.

Some sites to begin with: Quora, Pinterest, The Answer Bank, Yahoo Answers, eHow, WikiHow, and specific community sites in your particular niche.

Building broken links.

Building links through this technique involves some simple steps. Find pages in your niche which have broken links. Create content that is much better for replacement. Contact the author of that page and suggest a replacement for the same.

Even though it seems like a lot of hard work for just one link, it can be potentially reused for creating as many backlinks as possible for the broken link. Simply check out all the places where the broken link was used and replace all those with your link.

The ‘ahrefs’ site explorer is the perfect go-to tool for building broken links.

Make use of directories.

Directories and online encyclopedias make use of lots of links to make information available to users.  They act as listings to site pages with relevant content. These are created with the sole purpose of offering backlinks to site owners (Not all but many of them).

Linking your pages in these directories can be very beneficial for your site. It’s easy to find resource pages where you can link yourself but beware! You do not want to be linked to a spam resource page with artificial links. Make sure to check the authority and authenticity of the page before getting a link.

Go local.

Begin with your local competition then grow area wise. Find potential sites where your competitors are getting their links from and work towards generating better quality links than theirs. Create content that is superior to your competitors. It will automatically attract a larger base of audience.

To begin with, start getting links from sites in your area using local SEO. Chances are you will have a wider local reach and authoritative status then grow your network.

Interact with the bloggers and authors of sites with the same niche as yours from your locality. ‘Think big but start small.’

Publish New Content.

When you publish new and elaborative content there are chances of having backlinks generated automatically. The freshness that comes with new information attracts readers more. It will keep you ahead in the rank race. Bloggers and pages that will use information from your page will link you. Also, pitching new information to potential people is more likely to generate a link. Remember to be authentic and creative! Who knows? You could be the next new trend!

Unique infographics.

If your site makes use of its very own images and infographics then this one is for you! The visuals in your content when used by other sites will generate your links.

Research proves that content with visual representations has 94% higher viewer chances. Statistically, infographics generate 37% more backlinks than blog posts. That’s a bonus, isn’t it? The need for accurate visuals to be used along with the right keywords is limitless.

This is a great technique to gain good quality backlinks from sites having authority and similar content niche. Truly, infographic designs are worth the time and hard work!

Mention Yourself.

Many times, a page mentions your site but it does insert a link to your site. You could find out all such pages and contact the authors requesting links. This would also indicate that you are receiving editorial and organic links making your image better in the eyes of Google.

Generally, this would come in handy when you publish new data or content as people would tend to use it more. This is also a potential way to find sites where you could collaborate in the future for guest posting and getting more backlinks.

Running a keyword search about your site name and niche could help you find the sites that have mentioned you without linking your site.

Market Your Content.

Content marketing is a great way to increase your reach and get backlinks. If you are a brand having products or saleable assets, content marketing is a fantastic way to generate links and grow your rank. It will help greatly in establishing authority and brand identity.

Organic content marketing includes reaching out to influential and well-known people who are relevant to your niche. This is a trending technique currently. Well-known also tend to have better authority and can help your page grow authority when receiving backlinks from them.

In-site links.

People often ignore the internal linking system of their web-page while focusing on backlinks. Internal links also play an important role in improving page rank and authority. It makes the site more secure and manageable, also it helps to dig deeper into the site.

Good internal linking keeps readers gripped and makes it easier for Google bots to crawl the website which in turn will make it easier for Google to rank you. It is said, ‘Well begun is half done’ and when you begin well with your site, it is half work done for a good opportunity to get a backlink.


The key to great content and potential backlinks is keywords! The use of apt keywords will generate more traffic than any other technique.

Use the latest time-oriented words like the current year, specific occasions, etc. and include action words like try, check, buy, etc. to create interest and curiosity of the readers. This will create an opportunity for other sites to create backlinks for you which aim to provide the latest information to their users.

For example, a reader is more likely to open the page having the title ‘Check out Best Link Building Techniques in 2020’ rather than a page simply having the title ‘Link Building Techniques.’

Social Media.

Social media is the most powerful tool one can have to create backlinks. It is a platform with limitless opportunities.

You can add links to your page through social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, etc. It will widen your reach and enable swifter growth.

Platforms like Instagram have algorithms that help in reaching a wider audience. It also has features of direct and mass communication. Social media is the right platform to voice your thoughts, stand out, and prove to be unique.


To ensure that you continuously keep on getting backlinks it is necessary to be an active entity on the webpage. After all, you can’t be a dormant page and expect to get tons of backlinks, right?

Keep updating content and posting new and catchy content for your readers. This will keep your site going and ensure that it has a wider reach. Keep checking for broken links and negative SEO attacks.

Also, do not forget to stay in touch with your reader base and fellow sites which provide valuable backlinks.

Some great tips to aid your link building techniques:

Quality over quantity – Gone are the days where the maximum number of backlinks could generate your higher page rank. Now Google looks at the quality and authority of each link that you receive.

If the link is suspicious or seems artificial it could create problems for your site. So always remember to gain links from qualitative and authentic sites with high authority.

It’s like the famous proverb, “You are known by the company you keep.” Here, the better authority your backlink the more it enables you to increase the authority and rank of your page.

Content is the king – Incorporating as many linking techniques as possible for the best result is great but nothing can compete with the quality of your content.

If you have original, plagiarism-free content then your growth is certain. Make sure that along with it, you also have error-free and grammatically correct content. With the proper combination of great links and even better content, you can keep your growth game very high.

Placement of links – The location where your links lie on a site page also plays a very important role.

Let’s take an example: If your link is in the main body of the site or highlighted within the text of the site then it is likely to get more clicks. If the link to your site is somewhere in an unnoticeable corner of the page then the probability of getting traffic to your site is lesser.

Anchor Text – Anchor text is nothing but the text in a site that is highlighted and linked to your page.

Having relevant keywords as the anchor text is considered good for better ranking but when the anchor text is too specific and matches exactly to your site, Google counts it suspicious and spammy (Generally spam sites solely for the purpose of link generation have exact keywords). Make a note to have relevant and near keywords in your anchor text.

Lastly, I would like to conclude by saying that links are not built in a day. It is a dedicated process of hard work and patience for months altogether to see the results. Always remember to keep in mind the guidelines given by Google for page rank and authority. Good luck!

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