Best Blog Commenting Sites for Link Building in 2021

There are numerous ways to express your thoughts. Different and unique thoughts strike your mind when you are alone or even when you are engaged in some works.

There are no boundaries for your thoughts. They don’t arrive at your mind after you allow them. Anytime, anywhere you may get random thoughts that have the power to change things around you.

Now, is it okay to keep your thoughts to yourself? I will say no. This is because none of you think the same way. All of your thoughts differ from individual to individual. Those ideas may seem to be common but possess great potential to change things and make you successful at some point in time.

Not everyone get those valuable thoughts. So if you have a great thinking power and if you can express it to others, then you can achieve something remarkable.

There are many ways which is available for you to express what you think and by your thinking ability, you can influence people.

One such golden platform is blogging. Here millions of people share their thoughts and let people know beyond their minds. Some write blogs as a profession and some write for satisfaction. What satisfaction do they gain? They have the satisfaction of telling people what they think about a particular subject.

What is a blog?

 A blog is a simple journal, where you can write about your daily life, your life experiences, and all the random thoughts you have on any kind of thing. It is generally, using writing skills as a tool to express your valuable thoughts in a great way.

There are many reasons for a person to write blogs. Some write for just sharing their opinions but some write for business to attract more customers to their service by strong writing skills.

The way you write a blog has so much to say about the particular thing you are writing. Your writings greatly influence people.

Most of the bloggers write blogs for various websites on a variety of topics. Each one is unique in its way. This unique writing grabs the  attention of the people and thus it paves the way for business enhancement.

What is blogging?

Blogging requires a set of skills that are likely to help in managing the blogs, websites, checking out, posting, and sharing all the contents on the web.

Business concerns saw a huge raise and stability in their business when blogging was in peak. Blogging helps business people to retain their clients up to date. This ensures that the customers are aware of the services of a particular business by reading their blogs on the company’s website.

What is blog commenting?

People write articles and post them on their websites, or other social media platforms. Many of you will read those articles and learn something from the blogger.

While reading those blogs, most of your minds will be flashed with various other opinions. The readers also have a solution to express their thoughts as comments below the particular blog. This is known as a blog commenting.

Through these blogs’ comments, the bloggers and the readers can exchange their ideas on a particular topic. This ensures better interaction and understanding between the readers and the bloggers. Here, the bloggers can also reply to those comments and can assist the readers in a better understanding of the topic.

Blog commenting increases traffic to your website as your blog will be getting more attention from the readers. This in turn, helps in increasing the SERP rating of your website and search engine optimization.

Also while commenting on a particular blog, you can leave your websites link out there, this helps in the enhancement of your websites if you have any. Using this, you can also get more natural backlinks for your website.

Best blog commenting sites

  • QuickSprout
  • BackLinko
  • HiveHealthMedia
  • VelvetEscape
  • AggiesKitchen
  • HealthBeckon

These are the various blog commenting sites in various fields? You can make use of these sites to bring traffic to your websites.


QuickSprout is a marketing blog that deals with various types of articles relating to the enhancement of business growth. It has over 600 reviews and guides that are highly effective for attracting readers.

Here in Quick Sprout they buy and sell companies, build numerous email lists, blogs to millions of visitors per month, raised money for VC- backed startups, grown businesses up to seven figures, and build various other products according to the customer’s preferences.

Their blogs ensure that they have all the content guidelines relating to the starting of your first website, getting your first clients, and enhancing the growth of your business.

Quick Sprout ensures that they have all these guidelines for you to get benefitted. They help freelancers, bloggers, and other marketing startups to enhance their marketing careers.

Their top guides include the best website builders, the beginner’s guide to conversion optimization, how to start an online store, copywriting guides, and so many other top notches.


In this blog commenting site you can get plenty of ideas on how to increase the SEO of your website and there are numerous tips regarding SEO. Here in Backlinko, you can find various articles relating to content marketing.

This site offers multiple SEO training and helps you to advent the links building strategies. If you are looking for a well-equipped blog site to drag traffic to your websites then you can read the blogs the backlinks provide.

They have a variety of blogs relating to how to write a blog post, link building for SEO, link building strategies, guest blogging, how to promote your blog, etc


HiveHealthMedia is a fitness related blog site. You can have numerous tips and exercise modules to enhance your overall well being. It is a blogging platform that focuses on fitness, health, and lifestyle. Their main purpose is to give the strength of the audience to both the publishers and the advertisers.

Also, Hive health media connects to a large number of people who have common interests in health and fitness. This site uses 14 media technologies for their effective enlargement.

Their top blogs include how to prepare for exercise to beginners and newbies, ethical concerns in the health care industry, why entertainment is a critical part of the healing process, and so many other fitness and health blogs.


The velvet escape is a travel blog website. It is an award-winning blog with various topics related to travel. It has blogged on topics such as destination guides, travel itineraries, hotel, and tour reviews, and many traveling story experiences which will boost up your willingness to travel to more places very often.

It offers a variety of marketing and advertising services. It has a wide range of digital marketing and content services relating to a product or your destination. It also helps you with travel planning.

Their travel planning guides are extremely useful for a perfect traveling experience. They also have city trip guides that assist you in exploring different cities.

Their top guides include culture and history, food and wine, nature, plane reviews, luxury, and wellness, road trips, traveling stories and opinions, etc.


Aggies Kitchen is an everyday health recipe blogs. At this site, you are sure to satisfy your food cravings in a healthier way possible. There are numerous healthy recipes that you can make at home and enjoy the real taste of wellness with these healthy recipes.

All the recipes at this blog are explained in a detailed way and you can also link your website to the comment section, to get some traffic to your website.

They have many delicious recipes on their website. I have listed a few of them which include summer spinach salad with tomato, watermelon feta salad with basil, roasted bell peppers with pesto and goat cheese, easy roasted asparagus recipe, fresh tomato salsa recipe, and so much more delicious and healthy recipes.


Health beckon is a blog site that helps people understand the real essence of living a healthier life. This site mainly focuses on many health-conscious blogs.

Their blogs include how to create your healthy recipes, learn about new foods, get accurate and full details regarding the nutrition benefits of fruits and vegetables, help others in maintaining a healthy life and so many other blogs which mainly target health.

Blog commenting sites are immensely helpful not only to gain traffic and read your favorite blogs but it also helps in acquiring more knowledge and information relating to various ideas and things.

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