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google rank checker

On-Demand Rank Check

Check rankings once any time of the day. Results are re-freshed instantly within seconds.

Check Country Wise Rank

Set your country, and language and get ranks for that specific region. Set project settings once and track daily.

Expert Customer Support

Backed up by a team of SEO experts, and market leaders. SerpSniper was born out of need and continues to grow.

7 Day Free Trial • No Credit Card Required.



All your senstive data is stored in encrypted format to ensure total privacy.


Get unbiased rankings that aren't localised or personalised to your browsing.

Export Reports

Export reports in one click and keep an excel record of your rankings.


Using SerpSniper is easy. Just add domain, keywords & you're done.

Non Disclosure

Your sites and keywords aren't disclosed to anyone and saved securely.


Check ranking in the language you're putting your SEO efforts in.


Reduce hours and hours of manual rank checking with a minute.


Check your rankings based upon country and get a more accurate rank.

Friendly Support

Our 24/7 Support is always available to help you use our tool.

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How to Use Our Google Rank Checker ?

SerpSniper was made out of need. SerpSniper is backed up by a team of professional SEOs With more than 10 years of experience. Although SerpSniper is fairly new to the game, we've tried making it super easy to use and worth the money you spend on it.

1. Register

Registering account for SerpSniper is as easy as filling 3 fields, your name, email, & password. Once registered, check your email for validation.

2. Add Project

Enter your domain name, location and language settings. These settings ( location and language ) will be automatically applied to all keywords.

3. Track Rankings

You can add keywords in bulk via csv file or manually. Once done, track your rankings by clicking on either individual keyword or check all button.

"Checking SERP Manually isn't only biased, in-accurate, but also very time consuming. With SERP Sniper, We've solved that problem by offering accurate, location, language based rank checks which aren't biased or tailored for you. Everything is done under a minute. "


50 keywords

500 Per Month
  • Ideal for Starting Bloggers

100 keywords

1000 Per Month
  • Ideal for Growing Bloggers

200 keywords

2000 Per Month
  • Ideal for Smart Bloggers

400 keywords

4000 Per Month
  • Big Bloggers & Agencies

Commonly Asked Questions

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